Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Natural Gout Remedies

Hi. My name is Mike and I created this blog because I felt the need to share with the other people that are suffering from gout the methods, techniques and home remedies for gout I found that are almost 100% effective and they will help you cure gout.

In this introductory article I'll talk a little about the natural gout remedies. I usually try to avoid as much as possible the medication and all the medical treatments, that's why I first try to heal all my problems with natural remedies and trust me, the right diet, with the right mindset (you need to believe that you'll get cured) will help you almost every time, without having to take any medication.

Natural Gout Remedies

There are certain vitamins, herbs and dietary supplements that can be used as home remedies for gout. The vitamins include B complex, E and Folic acid. Primrose oil is also known to be quite effective. Bromelain which is a derivative of pineapple is known to be a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Some of the other natural gout remedies are as follows:

  •     Herbs like cleansing Poke Root and soothing Devil’s Claw
  •     Parsley juices and Horseradish, which help stimulate the elimination of waste matter including uric acid.
  •     Beverages like horsetail tea and stinging nettle can be effective in removing uric acid deposited in the joints.
  •     Celery, Birch leaf, and Mustard seeds also help in flushing out uric acid from the system.

Apart from the above, a recent study showed that bing and other blue or red cherries were effective in reducing the levels of uric acid in the bloodstream. Most of the natural home gout remedies can be found in a regular kitchen. And these remedies are highly effective hence their potential should not be underestimated.

Furthermore, a diet that is rich in complex carbohydrates and low in proteins and fats can work wonders for gout. Potatoes, bread and pasta among others, are good sources of complex carbohydrates.

These are some of the best natural gout remedies I found, but of course, there are many others that will help you, I'll just come back with some more info in the next days.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How Gout Cures Work?

There was a time when gout was a dreaded ailment, but with advancement in medical science we have come to understand the mechanics of the disease well, and that has helped in coming out with effective measures that help in relieving gout symptoms, as well as curing it. One of the best things is that gout responds well to natural remedies. There are a lot of effective home gout remedies that provide welcome relief to the afflicted.

Any effective gout treatment takes into account the fact that gout is caused by the presence of high levels of uric acid in the bloodstream. Most of the gout remedies work at diluting and flushing out the high levels of uric acid in the body and preventing excessive production of the same. Gout cures are all about managing diets in such a way that one reduces consumption of food, as well liquids that stimulate production of uric acid. They also recommend drinking lots of water as it neutralizes excessive uric acid present in the blood stream.

Those who are undergoing gout treatment should keep in mind that the treatment should be carried over an extended period of time, in order to be satisfactorily effective.